Saturday, August 3, 2013

personal worrkkk

Some original work from the past half-year~ [lots of original characters, gifts, and general brainfarts]

study of a photo found on tumblr

Apache crown dancer

for Draw A Dinosaur Day 2013
brainstorming for Mara from my personal project "Fish and Mara"
brainstorming for Fish from my personal project "Fish and Mara"
more brainstorming for Fish and Mara.

artwork from a published Windows 8 app!

screencap from my published Windows 8 app

spring 2013 school stuff

Some school work from the past semester!

Concept work for my intermediate 2D animation class-

Finished pencil tests from the same class-


A sampling of figure drawings in and outside of class-

Finished renders from my intermediate 3D modeling class-

commission work

Commissioned work from this year's Fanime and Anime Expo as well as some online commissioned work from the past year~

Copic commissions:

Digital commissions [Paintool SAI with touch-ups in Photoshop]

sampling of other fanart

Some fanart from the past half a year!

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter


Sherlock Holmes from Elementary

Joan Watson from Elementary

Ellie from The Last of Us

Joel from The Last of Us

Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph





All drawn in Paintool SAI~