Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some recent personal work.

And here we are, the last post I'm going to put on this blog for a while. This is pretty much a collection of personal work from the past year that haven't been on any other posts on this blog. I'll start with the original stuff first and label them as needed-

Raccoon skull studies-

[blue Col-Erase]

Some original characters and character designs-


Some gifts for my mom-

[watercolors and SAI, respectively]

Wreck-It Ralph was a great movie-


A birthday gift for a friend who's a fan of Persona 4-

[SAI, touch-ups in Photoshop]

Aaaand I'll end this post with an animation I and 4 other friends made in under 24 hours as part of a challenge that was taken on by 32 other teams of 5. We managed to place 5th and got some neat prizes for it!-

The Portal post.

I like Portal 2.

I like Portal 2 a lot.

The amount of fanart I draw for this game is obscene. It is my current artistic fixation and I'm going to ride this wave of creative energy for as long as it takes me. Remember that one post where I realized that if I wanted to draw something, I should just draw it? This is partly where all these come from [oh, and I'm also a fan of humanizing, which is why there's very little robots here for a game filled with robots]-

[SAI, touch-ups in Photoshop]

I also decided to make a couple of prints to sell at conventions based on this game. The first one here was a collaboration between me and a friend; I came up with the composition and values and he did the coloring-


And this second one I did on my own, trying my hand at digital painting-


I am ALSO working on a collaborative sequential narrative project with a friend based on a story she wrote based on Portal 2. The story assumes that the robot character Wheatley was once a human being who was forced into becoming a scientific experiment against his will. I started this project because I genuinely like the story and I also figured this would be a great opportunity to push myself into taking on a huge project that would challenge my skills in storytelling, something I desperately need. Here are some concept sketches I drew up for the project-


Aaaand here are the pages I've gotten down so far. The story has 11 parts to it and I HOPE to be finished with it by the end of next year...-

[oh jeez, Blogger resized that like CRAZY, click here to see the full-res version]

Expect more Portal stuff in the future~

Obligatory figure drawing post.

Yyyyep. Everything here is from 2012 in order roughly from oldest to newest-

[Col-Erase, Ebony pencils, Faber-Castell brush pens, Copic brush pens]

Some school work from this year.

Spring of 2012 kind of felt like a repeat of the precious two semester where I felt like I was in rendering hell which made me feel downright miserable. I enjoy illustration, I really do. I just hate it when I have to take a piece to a photo-realistic finish. My mentality is that I'm too impatient and I don't like painting.

But I sucked it up and did what I had to do. An honestly, I felt like I came out better for it. Here's some pieces I got out of it-

[acrylic on cold-press illustration board]

These next few are the from the final project for this class- two acrylic renderings of two forests, one daytime, one nighttime, and one of them having some kind of fantasy element-

[acrylic on cold-press illustration board]

HOWEVER I also had a really awesome figure drawing class during the same semester with a really great teacher. The final assignment for this class was to put together an "anatomy book" in which we basically had free reign over. This project sincerely helped me with my human anatomy and I'm really glad I had this project-

[Col-Erase, Micron pens, watercolor]

Fall of this year was infinitely easier on me mentally and artistically. The two art classes I took were in animation and modeling. Modeling in Maya was definitely... interesting. I can't say that I like it a whole lot but after many nights of sweating and swearing I think I finally got the hang of it-

[Autodesk Maya 2012]

As for my animation class, that was a LOT of fun. We kept a sketchbook and were assigned weekly to do gesture drawings of people from life-

[blue Col-Erase, SKB pens, Sharpie pens, Copic brush pens]

Probably my favorite assignments were to go out to the zoo and do gesture studies of an animal of our choice. I love anteaters. I love anteaters a lot-

[blue Col-Erase, SKB pens, Faber-Castell brush pens, Sharpie pens]

We were also assigned to take some of our people gestures and redraw the scenes using our chosen animals. Those were especially fun-

[Faber-Castell brush pens, Sharpie pens]

As for the actual animation part of the animation class, my favorite assignments were the pencil tests with actual character in them-

And I'm particularly proud of how my final animation for the class came out-

Damn this is a long post haha.