Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some recent personal work.

And here we are, the last post I'm going to put on this blog for a while. This is pretty much a collection of personal work from the past year that haven't been on any other posts on this blog. I'll start with the original stuff first and label them as needed-

Raccoon skull studies-

[blue Col-Erase]

Some original characters and character designs-


Some gifts for my mom-

[watercolors and SAI, respectively]

Wreck-It Ralph was a great movie-


A birthday gift for a friend who's a fan of Persona 4-

[SAI, touch-ups in Photoshop]

Aaaand I'll end this post with an animation I and 4 other friends made in under 24 hours as part of a challenge that was taken on by 32 other teams of 5. We managed to place 5th and got some neat prizes for it!-

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  1. All this stuff is awesome Nicolette! :DD Sooo coool ^^