Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Portal post.

I like Portal 2.

I like Portal 2 a lot.

The amount of fanart I draw for this game is obscene. It is my current artistic fixation and I'm going to ride this wave of creative energy for as long as it takes me. Remember that one post where I realized that if I wanted to draw something, I should just draw it? This is partly where all these come from [oh, and I'm also a fan of humanizing, which is why there's very little robots here for a game filled with robots]-

[SAI, touch-ups in Photoshop]

I also decided to make a couple of prints to sell at conventions based on this game. The first one here was a collaboration between me and a friend; I came up with the composition and values and he did the coloring-


And this second one I did on my own, trying my hand at digital painting-


I am ALSO working on a collaborative sequential narrative project with a friend based on a story she wrote based on Portal 2. The story assumes that the robot character Wheatley was once a human being who was forced into becoming a scientific experiment against his will. I started this project because I genuinely like the story and I also figured this would be a great opportunity to push myself into taking on a huge project that would challenge my skills in storytelling, something I desperately need. Here are some concept sketches I drew up for the project-


Aaaand here are the pages I've gotten down so far. The story has 11 parts to it and I HOPE to be finished with it by the end of next year...-

[oh jeez, Blogger resized that like CRAZY, click here to see the full-res version]

Expect more Portal stuff in the future~

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