Sunday, December 16, 2012

ALRIGHT let's the the Pokemon stuff out of the way.

I like Pokemon.

And for a while, I drew almost exclusively Pokemon- whether it was for myself, for a client, or for merchandise. And sometime around last year, I burned out haha [I didn't even make it all the way through Pokemon White]. I still enjoy the franchise and all but my interest has definitely waned.

BUT there are still a few pieces that I like. Like this set of prints that i made over the course of what... 3 years I think? I still sell them at conventions and online-

[all drawn in SAI with the exception of the first one which was drawn in Photoshop]

 And like I said previously, if I wasn't drawing Pokemon for conventions, I was drawing them for clients. Like THIS little gem right here-

[drawn in SAI over the course of about a week]

 That piece is a couple years old now but I'm still pretty fond of it, and the client was happy with it too.

What else... Here's another commission, although this one was taken at a convention and finished at home. I even managed to take some progress shots for it-

[blue Col-Erase, Micron pens, Copics]

I'll end this post with a piece I actually drew for MYSELF [what a concept]. This was before the 5th Generation of Pokemon was released and I was sorely wanting an anteater Pokemon. SO I made one up for myself-


Aaaand that's all the Pokemon stuff for now!

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