Sunday, December 16, 2012

Older school work.

Pretty much just what it says in the tin! Everything in this post is going to be from 2011, and maybe a couple things from January 2012.

First off, a charcoal reversal for one of my classes from spring 2011. The canvas was huge, the process was dirty, and many late nights were spent on campus trying to finish this thing. I hated this project with every bit of my soul. The result was kind of neat though-

[charcoal, 57 hours, photo reference used] 

Thennn in fall 2011, I had a similar experience with an acrylic still life project. At least with this one we could come up with our own theme and set up our own still-lives [ended up going with something along the lines of  the "coexistence of Native American and Western religion"]. Even though I ended up with a pretty nice result, I had figured out that I hated realistic photo rendering with a passion-

[acrylic, ~10"x10", 50+ hours]

By the end of the fall 2011 semester, I had passed my major's portfolio review and then was required to fill a small sketchbook over the winter break. Here are a few pages I still like-

[SKB pens, Micron pens, watercolor pencils, watercolor, acrylic]

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