Sunday, January 26, 2014

Personal work fall/winter 2013

Just some personal/original work from the past several months~

first "finished" thing I ever drew on my Surface Pro 2!

quick study of a Starbucks in the Phoenix, AZ airport.

medicine man and young Native girl.

deer dancer

2 buffalo dancers for my dad for Christmas

Fall 2013 school work

Last semester I took a digital illustration class as well as an advanced 3D modeling class.

My 3D modeling class was actually my last Maya class ever at SJSU! I'm sooo glad to be done haha. I did come out of the class with some neat stuff though-

The last 2 were part of the final project of the class where I had to model an original character for the purpose of 3D printing it. Needless to say this was the most fun I'd have modeling anything haha. Here's the result-

And here's some of the concept work I made specifically for this model based on drawings I've posted previously-

Obviously I strayed a bit from the concept work to compensate for creating the character for a different medium but it was a good learning experience!

My other studio class was an intro to digital illustration. I'm by default really not confident at all with my painting and color skills but I think I came out of this class for the better.

We started out with simple black and white assignments like rendering a kitchen object then aging it like 30 years and copying from photographs.

it's like a Slap Chop

Then we went on to work on a series of illustrations based on the writings of Gary Soto who wrote stories based on growing up in a Mexican-American agriculture community in Fresno, CA. The first set of illustrations was to design either a kitchen or garage based on a set of writings. I picked the garage and I think I ended up biting off more than I could chew-



The final project was also based on Soto's works but this time we had to design a treehouse.


Pokemon post!

I drew an embarrassing amount of Pokemon over the past couple of months so I'm putting them into their own post haha.

This past December I participated in a viral challenge that was going around Tumblr where we were asked to draw 1 Pokemon for every day in December. The meta-challenge was that there should be no repeats and as an additional, personal meta-challenge, I drew all of these on my Surface Pro 2. Kind of a silly thing but I'm proud I completed it all on time~

Aaaand here's some close-ups of my favs-

I know all 31 days aren't accounted for here but the missing one wasn't  good enough to post I think haha.

And here's a few misclaneous Poke drawings-

hypothetical Mega Evolution for Torterra

hypothetical Mega Evolution for Typhlosion