Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pokemon post!

I drew an embarrassing amount of Pokemon over the past couple of months so I'm putting them into their own post haha.

This past December I participated in a viral challenge that was going around Tumblr where we were asked to draw 1 Pokemon for every day in December. The meta-challenge was that there should be no repeats and as an additional, personal meta-challenge, I drew all of these on my Surface Pro 2. Kind of a silly thing but I'm proud I completed it all on time~

Aaaand here's some close-ups of my favs-

I know all 31 days aren't accounted for here but the missing one wasn't  good enough to post I think haha.

And here's a few misclaneous Poke drawings-

hypothetical Mega Evolution for Torterra

hypothetical Mega Evolution for Typhlosion

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